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Filtered High Speed Dialup 
Filtered Dialup
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Filtered High-Speed Dialup
$15.95 per month

  • Up to 5X faster than 56K dialup
  • Access in over 22,200 locations nationwide
  • Pop-Up Blocker
  • 10 Email Accounts - spam free, virus free and porn free! 
  • Free customizable filter!
  • Secure History Reports
  • 10 Megabytes of Personal Web Space
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • My Account Control Panel
  • Web Mail

Key Features

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Unbelievable price! We offer the best filter solutions on the market at the lowest possible prices.  You get all the usual features of a high-speed nationwide ISP plus our customizable filter at no additional charge.

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You can relax! No more worries about Internet safety. Our customizable filter and secure history reports put you in charge of your family's Internet experience. Email is scanned as it passes through our servers to make sure it is virus free, porn free and spam free.


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